On My Way to…I’m Not Sure Yet 🎯

Stuck, but still moving…on my way to “I’m not sure yet!” Change is Hard for Me…although Exciting❣️

I AM Sure of …Being led by The Holy Spirit, and like the Feather, letting Him clear away any webs… of my own doing, any fears of my own doing, any blocks of my own doing and actually un-doing My doings and Letting Him Do…..

Thy Will Be Done❣️That’s movement🕊

I shell stand…🗝

Hero on The Spot

There He was on the Berkeley Campus

Hebrews 4:12
Souls are at Stake…
, Jake Shields, a WSOF Fighter , unknown to me, until He became

The Hero On The Spot”  simply because he saw injustice… in plain words, someone was being hurt and he Felt compassion and helped (saved) him.  Stories on the news!

One Rule Right.♥

Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

No more time to write at the moment but what I had today, was to Thank Jake by Praying for Him, boldly in the Throne Room.  Thank you, Father, Through Jesus, In The Holy Spirit.