Thanksgiving for cancer❓What, Why and How

Instead of just taking a breath…try Receiving a Deep breath, deep with Thanksgiving. When the world is told “We’re giving thanks in the midst of cancer…which is Not from Father God…👑 and seeing life a New” mostly with a nod, trying to wrap their head around that, we tell Them why…The Living Secret🕊

“ IN everything give Thanks for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus concerning You“ 1 Thessalonians 5:18

“Understanding is the Wellspring of Life into them that hath it” Proverbs 16:22

IN Everything…NOT For everything…That the difference, The Mysterious Joy🕯

Breath deep, Drink Deep


Gone…”Good Riddance” Memory went with It❣️

Gone…”Good Riddance” Memory went with It</strong>❣️
— Read on❣️/

Gone…”Good Riddance” Memory went with It❣️

“It’s really Pretty, it’s probably Worth a lot as a solid brass antique”.

…and every single time I see it “I see the circumstances surrounding it and I literally feel the same emotion of that very moment I acquired it! It was Beautiful but bound with a memory I’d rather forget…

So I Let It Go…removed it from it’s decaded spot…Then felt hesitation, then Relief…then silly, then wasteful and unappreciative,

Then three days later…WooHoo..!!!

Outta Site, Outta Mind…When I re-saw it, I have a New Joyful Memory now of relinquishing a Bond That is not of “Mindful Value” and actually Feeling…Feeling better and Ready for the Next Freedom!

On to that Picture box….

One Thing to Say

Words Change Our Life…They inspire Us, they promise Us, sometimes they get Us hit in the nose…So, IF, Words Really can change some daily occurences We ought to start “using them in a more serious manor, with pre-thought about what These Words will Produce”…

This Is not just some Belief as We do truly already know Words matter. What is said to Us, about Us, for Us and especially against Us,,,Forsure those Word travel over and over on Our mental hamster wheel while we process just what to do with Them!

Start with this one saying…

“Life and death are In the Power of the tongue”

It Will Change life, in a small way a large Way, a smile way , even a mysterious Way as a Word unexpected to someone!

Start this day…maybe with Your very next Word, Right Now to Yourself… feeling all silly…

”My Words matter, from here on, to Me and to You” …There, I just said it, I mean it and my Cat is looking seriously Convinced! WordsMatter.

Let me know…

What Words Changed Your Life⁉️


On My Way to…I’m Not Sure Yet 🎯

Stuck, but still moving…on my way to “I’m not sure yet!” Change is Hard for Me…although Exciting❣️

I AM Sure of …Being led by The Holy Spirit, and like the Feather, letting Him clear away any webs… of my own doing, any fears of my own doing, any blocks of my own doing and actually un-doing My doings and Letting Him Do…..

Thy Will Be Done❣️That’s movement🕊

I shell stand…🗝

Hero on The Spot

There He was on the Berkeley Campus

Hebrews 4:12
Souls are at Stake…
, Jake Shields, a WSOF Fighter , unknown to me, until He became

The Hero On The Spot”  simply because he saw injustice… in plain words, someone was being hurt and he Felt compassion and helped (saved) him.  Stories on the news!

One Rule Right.♥

Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

No more time to write at the moment but what I had today, was to Thank Jake by Praying for Him, boldly in the Throne Room.  Thank you, Father, Through Jesus, In The Holy Spirit.